How To Unzip Or Extract Files On Your Andriod Phone

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alexical. Jalingo, Taraba
7:57am, 29th May 2016.
Most of our USERS here have been bothering me
about how to extract app and one of the user
i guess Yesterday he asked me to
create a tutorial so other kins could benefit
from it wow guess his idea is very good what
to i told him ok that i will do that
let's get back to business
Easy Unrar is a free android app which lets
you extract,archive or compress any files
present on your Smartphone.

Extracting files
from a zipped file is very easy on PC as each
and every OS provides us inbuilt extracting
software on PC. However in case of
Smartphone, there is no such inbuilt app.
This app allows you to extract rar as well as
zip files in the fraction of seconds.
This app also lets you extract a movie or
compress it within few minutes.
Different Functions and their Uses:

Extract : This option is used to extract any
rar or zip files present on your Smartphones.
This is an extremely useful tool for those
who want to see movies or videos with
subtitles but don’t find any substitute on
how to extract the downloaded subtitles.

Archive : When you were trying to create a
new zip folder, it would ask you to save in
following way. It will ask you to fill the
following information. You can write a name
in the place of archive name which could be
lately opened usingarchive option.
Compress : This option lets you compress
any files, movies, songs and even apk files
on your Smartphone at one place. This is a
powerful tool if you are trying to send more
than one files to a friend simultaneously.

You can select different files and compress
them into a single folder and send it to your
friend. This is that easy and simple.

How To Extract
To unzip a file using your Android phone,
you will have to Download and install


Scroll and check for the folder that has the
file you want to unzip or go to your file
manager look for where the file is and click
Easy unrar will open
Tick the box in front of the file you want to

Click Extract All Here (you will see it at the
top of the app)
You will see the extraction in progress as
shown below,just allow it to complete.
When it reaches 100% it will show Finish .

Back it andd check your file wow so easy
isn't it?
comment below and share your thought
almost out of juice glad i could type this
tutorial before the juice runs out
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