Friends furious with Messi for Deulofeu Barcelona demise

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 4:58pm, 12th Jan 2018. | Views: 91 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
4:58pm, 12th Jan 2018.

Friends of Gerard Deulofeu blame Lionel Messi for his failure to succeed with Barcelona.

The winger is set to be sold to Napoli in the coming days, just six months after he was re-signed by Barca from Everton.

Deulofeu had returned in career best form and boasting his first caps with Spain. But he is now being shuffled out the Nou Camp's back door.

Diario Gol says Deulofeu's friends blame Messi and his lack of support for the midfielder. Deulofeu has been left isolated inside the locker room, with very few friends.

And Messi has been branded a "traitor" by Deulofeu's supporters, believing he's largely ignored him. His camp also feel betrayed by Barca president Josep Maria Bartomeu for broken promises about minutes and playing guarantees.

Deulofeu is now ready to cut his ties with Barca and rebuild his career away from Spain.

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