“Why We Banned Foreign Rice In Ebonyi” — Commissioner Open Up

Poster: STANCOBRIDGE | Date: 7:52am, 6th Dec 2016. | Views: 251 | 1 Replies
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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
7:52am, 6th Dec 2016.
Ebonyi State Commissioner for Information,
Senator Emmanuel Onwe has justified the banning
of the sale and consumption of foreign rice as
part of the state government’s moves to uphold
the health and well being of the populace.

Speaking during a courtesy visit to Vanguard
Headquarters in Lagos, the commissioner also
clarified issues concerning the purchase price of
the locally produced rice even as he said that
projected agriculture is one of the measures
adopted by the Dave Umahi administration to
ensure the viability of the state.

Speaking to Vanguard Editors, Onwe also appealed
to the Federal Government to release the grain
silos located in the state to the state
administration to enable the state administration
store grains.

Affirming the determination of the Umahi
administration to ensure the wellbeing of the
populace, Onwe said that locally cultivated rice
does not have the kind of chemicals used in
cultivating and preserving foreign rice before they
are exported to countries like Nigeria.

Saying that Ebonyi Rice lacks such, he said: “our
contribution will be to make local rice available
and easily affordable. People also need to be rest
assured that Ebonyi rice is not heavily
chemicalised as other rice.”

Noting recent disclosures on social media about
how plastics were added to foreign rice, he said
“it is a welcome development that Ebonyi
government has banned the sale and consumption
of foreign rice in the state.”

According to the commissioner, part of the
governor’s responsibilities as the chief security
officer of the state is that the health and
wellbeing of the populace are not compromised by
such additives in foreign made rice.

The commissioner also clarified issues on the
pricing of Ebonyi rice. According to him, the paddy
rice sells for N8,000 per bag while the processed
rice which he boasted has no stones sells from
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