Human 'Ken doll' gets flesh eating infection after new nose job

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Alexical . Jalingo, Taraba
2:56pm, 14th Apr 2016.

The Air steward, Rodrigo Alves has reportedly
been hospitalised after contracting the flesh-
eating infection following a recent nose job.
Daily Record reports that the young man who
is originally from Brazil but lives in London,
has made headlines all over the world after
he reportedly spent over £300,000 on plastic
surgery in a bid to transform his body in the
exact replica of a 'Ken doll'.
Alves revealed that he had been miserable
over his appearance, making him go under
the knife at least 42 times within the last 15
Sadly, three months after his most recent
operation done on his nose, Rodrigo reveals
that he had been rushed back to hospital
following the contraction of the infection.
On a post he shared with a picture of his
bandaged and rotting nose, Alves wrote:
"I had a nose reconstruction three months ago
and it seems like the new cartilage has been
rejected by my body.
"It is terrible and I am trying to go back to
London as soon as possible for help. It got
harder and harder to breath and now my nose in
completely blocked.
"A horrible hole has appeared in my nose and
the infection is eating it. If it does not stop, it
could eat my whole face. I am very worried."
Fortunately for him, Alves shared an update
on his situation today, saying:
"Thank you everyone who inboxed me today. I
just want to say that I'm very well and
everything is under control now.... Nothing to
worry and life goes on."

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