World Isreal News: No normal ties with Iran without recognition of Israel, says German economy minister

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
3:21am, 5th Oct 2016.

Ahead of a visit to Iran, the German
economy minister – the first among Western
leaders to secure business deals with Tehran
after the signing of the Iran nuclear deal –
said there can be no normal ties with
Tehran unless it accepts the existence of the
Jewish state.

German Vice-Chancellor and Economy
Minister Sigmar Gabriel, scheduled to visit
Iran next week, told Der Spiegel magazine the
Islamic Republic must accept the right of
Israel to exist if it wants to have friendly
relations with his country.

His statement echoes previous comments by
Chancellor Angela Merkel. Several weeks ago,
in a letter to German parliamentarian Volker
Beck, head of the German-Israeli
Parliamentary Friendship Group, Merkel wrote
that “there cannot be normalized, complete
relations with Iran so long as Iran does not
recognize Israel’s right to exist.”

“At the same time, the federal government
has an interest in dialogue with Iran’s
government over critical topics,” she added in
the letter – written in response to a July
parliamentary inquiry – which also
condemned the Islamic regime’s “rocket tests
and anti-Israel threats.”

Gabriel and German Foreign Minister Frank-
Walter Steinmeier were seeking to invite
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Berlin
later this year, according to a recent report in
the German newspaper Bild-Zeitung.
In May 2015, during a meeting with Israeli
President Reuven Rivlin in Germany, Merkel
expressed doubt that an agreement between
the P5+1 and Iran would be ratified. The
nuclear deal with Iran was signed two
months later.

Gabriel was the first Western leader to secure
business deals with Iran after the signing of
the nuclear agreement, when he visited
Tehran that same month.

By: World Israel News Staff
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