Top 3 things threatening President Buhari's administration

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
5:08pm, 20th Jun 2016.
Critics say the rave on which President
Muhammadu Buhari came into power is fast
dwindling, his name is barely pulling the
same positive effect it had during the
election period and the reasons are not far

Battling with age and some health issues that
have seen him leave the country for
treatment, President Buhari has been handed
the toughest of tasks.
Having returned from his trip to the United
Kingdom, the Nigerian president must get
straight to it regarding the situation of the
Nigerians are looking to see where the
country is headed and their final verdict
regarding the APC-led dispensation will be
how Buhari is able to handle three very
pressing issues rocking the nation to its very
1. Economic crisis
Trade for many has come to a halt following
the fluctuating value of the Naira. An
increase in fuel price following the removal of
subsidy has not made business any better for
The price of tomatoes and other food items
means more troubles for a teeming masses
that have been said to be living below a
dollar per day.
Investigations reveal that the stiff economic
situation in the country has stirred a mass
migration of many people from the Urban
cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt.
The people cannot cope with the inflation and
many ask if this is the promised change.
There are no jobs, many youths linger in the
streets seeking opportunities that seem never
to come. The APC-government has
reportedly made provisions for a welfare
package of N5000 , but the question remains,
what exactly will the monthly stipend do,
especially in a time when prices are
Salaries are being delayed and retrenchment
seem now to be the order of the day. The
Federal Government has moved to put a stop
to the mass retrenchment, however, how will
the firms survive with the number of staff
they have, if business fails to thrive under the
harsh business atmosphere in Nigeria?
President Buhari and his team are of the
opinion that corruption is crippling the
economy and the president has sworn to fight
corruption to the latter. However, there are
some who believe that Buhari has made his
anti-corruption war selective .
There are also claims that the president is
operating on a “damaging and outdated
monetary policy” , hence the nose-dive
experienced in economic growth.
Buhari has promised to diversify the Nigerian
economy, however, that move seem coming
too slow for the Nigerian people. The Nation
remains ever dependent on its oil trade.
2. Terror groups
To say that Nigeria has become a nation
whose people live in fear due to terrorism is
not out of place. While the Nigerian army is
still engaged in a fierce and almost never
ending battle with Boko Haram in the
northeast, there is a storm welling up within
the south-south region of the country.
Niger Delta militants
The situation within the Niger Delta region
has become so very serious that virtually
every other day, a new militant group
emerges with requests of their own, most of
which are totally unrealistic, hence, sending
the message that the chances of really
coming to an agreement with the FG is so
There have been several attempts at
negotiating with the militant groups within
the Niger Delta, but no truce has been
reached yet. Some have said that the
renewed violence within the region is due to
the loss of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in the
last presidential election.
Those who favour this line of thought are of
the believe that the people of the south-
south are of the opinion that the north setup
Boko Haram to cause a huge disruption in
the Jonathan-led administration, hence the
Niger Delta will use militants to cause chaos,
now that a northerner is at the helm of
The Movement for the Emancipation of Niger
Delta (MEND) recently said that associates of
former president, Goodluck Jonathan are
using Niger Delta Avengers to destabilise the
President Muhammadu Buhar’s led
Mend alleged that one of the most prominent
militant group in the region “the Niger Delta
Avengers (NDA), is the vehicle currently being
used by Niger Delta political elite and
associates of former President Goodluck
Jonathan to destabilize President Buhari’s
Government. It was these political
juggernauts who are loathe to see President
Buhari gain a foothold in the region.”
Once again, the Niger Delta has gone back to
violence and vandalism, a development which
further cripples the Nigerian economy. The
Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation
(NNPC) disclosed that it lost more than
N19.43bn in the month of April, as the
country’s crude oil production dropped from
59.27 million barrels recorded in February to
57.43 million barrels in March, due to
growing acts of pipeline vandalisation in the
Niger Delta region.
The corporation stated this in its Monthly
Financial Report released in Abuja on
Thursday where it also revealed that over
1,500 megawatts of electricity were lost as a
result of the destruction of oil and gas
facilities, adding that the capacity utilisation
of the Warri Refining and Petrochemical
Company plummeted from 25.65 percent in
March to 6.36 percent in April.
“The NNPC’s monthly financial and
operations report indicate an operational loss
of 19.43bn in April 2016 as against 18.89bn
in the month of March 2016. The deficit
increased by 2.83 per cent in the month of
April 2016 due to a slight decline in revenue
generation, which is attributed to the
decrease in petroleum product sales by 7.11
per cent.

“The NPDC’s crude sale for the month is still
hampered by Forcados pipeline vandalism,
which continued to deny the NPDC of
monthly crude oil revenue of about 20.0bn,”
the report stated.
3. A civil war
The last Nigerian civil war which took place
between July 6 1967 to January 15, 1970 led
to the death of over two million civilians.
Once again, the hand writings are on the
wall, heralding that yet another bloody war is
There are fears that a second civil war is
Like a movie script, some Igbos have started
to toe the same path which led to the Biafran
war. Led by Nnamdi Kanu, the embattled
leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra
(IPOB), the pro-Biafrans have sworn to
secede, claiming that Nigeria has dealt
unfairly with the Igbo people.
Nnamdi Kanu is in custody, faced with
charges bordering on treason, however, the
Radio Biafra director’s fame has grown so
much that he is seen by some as a messiah
sent for the liberation of the Igbo nation, a
very deadly ideology.
The massacre and arrest of pro-Biafra
agitators has not in anyway helped issues, it
seem like the more security operatives kill
them, the stronger their resolve to see that
Biafra Republic is actualized.
President Buhari is now saddled with the
grave task of ensuring that Nigeria remains
united, a task which many fear he might not
be able to execute perfectly.
Nnamdi Kanu is rated as the greatest Igbo
man alive.
The battle for the unity of Nigeria gets
intense everyday, especially in a time when
t he pro-Biafrans have embraced the Niger-
Delta militants and are working in alliance to
see that the country is divided .
Several calls have been made to see that the
federal government sets Nnamdi Kanu free,
however, there are fears that with his
widespread fame, the pro-Biafra leader might
become even more deadly than anyone
thought. Analyst have said that the splitting
of Nigeria seem inevitable, some even argue
that it will take a miracle to see Nigeria
remain united till the next general elections.
President Buhari has failed Nigeria is fast
become the song on the lips of many. The
Coalition Against Corrupt Leaders (CACOL)
described the one-year of the All Progressives
Congress (APC) as a dismal failure.
The group, through its head, Debo Adeniran,
said the administration spent a full one year
giving excuses and blaming its predecessor
for the challenges in the country.
In the same vein, Chief Adeniyi Akintola
(SAN) has said that President Muhammadu
Buhari does not understand Nigeria. The
senior advocate in pushing for the
implementation of the 2014 Confab report
said Buhari “isn’t a politician and he doesn’t
understand the political arithmetic of Nigeria
and he doesn’t understand the political
geography .”
Meanwhile, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the
minister of information and culture said
President Muhammadu Buhari’s
administration was on track in redeeming its
promises to Nigerians, particularly in the area
of job creation.
The minister said the federal government has
commenced the creation of jobs across the
country in fulfillment of its campaign
promises. Speaking on Monday, June 13, at
the south south town hall meeting in Uyo,
Akwa Ibom state, organized by his ministry,
Mohammed said the recruitment of 500,000
teachers had commenced through the online
portal ‘npower.gov.ng’.
He listed other direct job creation and training
schemes that are ongoing which include the
N-Power Knowledge, which is training 25,000
Nigerians in technology and N-Power Build,
which is training another 75,000 Nigerians in
building services.
President Buhari has about three more years
to prove to Nigerians that the choice of the
All Progressives Congress (APC) was not a
mistake. These three issues will form the
basis of judgement for the Buhari-led
administration, will Buhari’s government turn
the tables with regards to the economy, can
the government keep her people safe as
promised, will Nigeria remain in one peace, or
will the their be an implosion.
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