Hilarious! Nigerian Twitter Divided Over New Intimacy Doll

Poster: miracule | Date: 11:33am, 16th Jan 2018. | Views: 89 | 1 Replies
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miracule. Akure, Ondo
11:33am, 16th Jan 2018.

Dear Ladies, your slay game is about to face a fierce competition and the rivalry is not coming for a short term.

A company, @$exyreal$exdolls, has created a new $ex doll to give men optimum satisfaction.

The new doll which is sold for $2,2,89, a little over N800,000, is already getting some men excited. The doll has large thighs, B.reasts, and large B.uttocks.

People are already making purchases.

Meanwhile, some ladies are not finding it funny

Their reaction has made Nigerian men respond in amusing ways

Is this Gonna really gonna take over women's world???
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