You Got To See Kendall Jenner’s Nμde Photo for Harper Bazaar Magazine February Cover

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miracule. Akure, Ondo
6:22am, 12th Jan 2018.

Kendall Jenner is the cover for Harper Bazaar’s 2018 February cover and she is baring it all. She rocks a clear waterproof garment with the water cascading down on her privates as the only cover she has.

While being interviewed by her friend Cara Delavigne for the magazine, the model took a couple of pictures rocking some channel pieces. She looked equally amazing on the cover of the magazine.

In the interview, she spoke about her growing up, saying that the only thing she felt she missed while growing up was college, she isn’t even sure she regretted that. She also added that she was kind of annoyed she missed prom and wishes she could go to a public beach or Disneyland without getting bothered.

Commenting on if models these days have it easier than those in the past, she said that the work is essentially still the same despite the fact that there is now social media. She also said people assume today’s models have it easier because of social media, but that’s just not true. “I still had to go to all the castings, I still had to go meet all the photographers, I still had to do all of that to get to where I am now. There wasn’t a step taken out just because I had social media. I still have 12-hour days, I still have even 24-hour days sometimes; I still have to do all those things. We don’t work any less hard than the ’90s models did when they were young” she said.
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