Buhari regrets taking over power now

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STANCOBRIDGE. Jalingo, Taraba
6:11am, 1st Jun 2016.
London - President Muhammadu Buhari has
expressed his disappointment at the challenges
facing the country, wondering why he became
president at this trying times.
Buhari spoke in London while addressing
members of the Nigerian community in the
United Kingdom.
He said he is wondering why the oil which used
to sell for over $140 per barrel, would reduce to
$30 per barrel during his time as the President.
He stated that he would have loved to take over
when the country was still economically viable.

“Why didn’t I come when the treasury was full?
Oil price was over $140 per barrel and when I
came, it slipped down to $30. Why me?
“I keep on praying to God to pity Nigeria and its
over 170 million people who are exposed to
climate change, illiteracy and poverty.”
The President, however, said his administration
had succeeded in mopping up over N2.2trn as
of January through the Treasury Single Account
He said although the TSA was introduced by
the administration of former President Goodluck
Jonathan, that administration could not
implement it for reasons best known to its
He said his administration decided to
implement the arrangement when he came on
board and discovered that the country was
Source: Punch
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